Manta Ray at Manta Point, Nusa Penida


Discovery Scuba Dive

Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? Do you want to bring it one step further than snorkeling without taking a full certification course? Then the DSD program is made for you.

Fabrice and his team of instructors will take you on a memorable journey driven by their will to pass on their passion of the sea.

On board Waow Seafari, your instructors will start by explaining to you the equipment, the basic rules of diving and what you can expect from your 2 dives.

Why 2 dives ?

  •  Typically, on your first dive, everything feels so new that you are very focused on yourself. On the second dive you know what to expect and you can enjoy even more the whole experience.
  •  Its double the fun

The first dive is always in a quite bay offering pool like conditions: clear and shallow water, some sandy bottom. But already here you will feel like in an aquarium with lots of reef fish and stunning coral.

The choice of the second dive location depends on your level of comfort and the sea conditions. Whenever possible we’ll try to take you see the fascinating manta rays.

How to Pay

All our prices in US Dollars

For payments in other currencies, official online exchange rate of the day will be applied.

Payments can be done onboard in cash or by Credit Card (Visa© & Mastercard©)

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